Case Studies

Summary:  This little girl's mum brought her to see me with a dry cough that had been waking her up most nights for three months so causing her lack of sleep and also causing mum and dad wakeful nights while they are trying to run a business!   There was no obvious reason for the cough which was dry and worse at night but when she walked in, every few words were punctuated by a cough so it must have been terrible at night for her.

Sport Injury Cheshire

Summary:  Paul grabbed me while I was out taking Crystal my dog for a walk, he'd previously known me from years ago when our kids went to school together and he knew I am an acupuncture therapist.  He told me that he had been put in dialysis because his kidneys were measured at less than 6% function and he felt he was going to die.  He was mostly worried about leaving his kids behind, they are both teenagers and play football for high profile clubs and need his support too so he didn't want to be sitting at home wishing he was with them when they most needed him. His story is here.