Cara’s Story: Sleepless Nights with a Dry Cough - April 2018


Not long ago I was contacted by a concerned Mum. Her nine-year-old daughter had a dry chesty cough that had not budged for over three months. The family didn’t understand why it had started or what had caused it. The little girl was struggling at school and feeling drained as her cough was keeping her awake through the night. Her parents had tried everything - cough syrup, lozengers, chest x-rays and blood tests. Nothing relieved the symptoms or offered a suitable diagnosis. After spending hours online researching potential causes and then eliminating them - she changed fabric conditioners, changed duvets and even tried keeping the cats in a separate room.


She spoke to a friend who recommended looking into alternative therapies. She googled Traditional Chinese Medicine and was overwhelmed with the options available, and confused by the mixed remarks. After thinking about her options she contacted me for some advice.


After discussing her daughters' symptoms I suggested Water Cupping as a possible treatment. As most people do, she was unsure as she was familiar with the pictures of Michael Phelps covered in marks and unsure of the benefits. I mentioned some of the successes I’d had in the past and she spoke to her daughter who was keen to “give it a go”.


From the moment they walked into my Treatment room, the little girl’s cough was continuous but she was in good spirits and excited. We ran through her medical history and I asked her to explain her life a little better. I discovered she was sleeping with a lot of stuffed toys and several blankets and she had a lot of pent-up emotions due to bullying. To make sure she was at ease I joked about how she would look like she had been fighting with an Octopus. Laughter really does put people at ease!


I did a short warm-up massage to spread some oil onto her back, then did some water cupping up the back muscle in between the scapula. I left the cups on for around 3-4 minutes per position and then left them for 10 minutes when they got level with the top of the scapula. These are points that affect the lungs - (For those familiar with TCM, over BL13).


I made sure she was comfortable and she said the cups felt a little heavy but not painful.

As this was a heat issue, I also suggested that she should think about removing at least one of the blankets and some of the soft toys out of her bed to keep her cooler while sleeping. She enjoyed the process so much that as she was leaving she begged to come back again!


I spoke to her Mum two days later who was overwhelmed with the results. Her daughter had agreed to move some teddies to a shelf and she had slept through the night without coughing ever since the therapy. Her family were finally feeling rested and the little girl was back to her normal non-stop behaviour!


Featured Quotes:

“I was initially unsure as I’ve never had any treatments for myself let alone my daughter but we had run out of options and needed help. I couldn't believe the results. She is finally cough-free. Anyone who is hesitant - don’t be I wish we had seen Michelle months ago!”


“My cough has been annoying me for ages and I know I wake the baby at night so I felt really bad but Michelle helped me to get rid of it and it wasn’t scary or painful at all”

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