Get your "sick leave" empty chairs full again!

With the Total Therapy team, Corporate Massage has never been so good.  We can give your staff an assessment for physical or mental stress and immediate treatment then advise them on further discounted sessions in private or at work.  With fast acting pain relief protocols which are office friendly, stress busting desk massages and breaktime "lying down" massages, you can help cut your sick leave down almost immediately to save you money and time.
Acupuncture in Cheshire
All we need is an assigned contact and a meeting room or spare office to set up a massage couch so we can tackle back or leg issues.  Most shoulder, neck and general stress issues can be done at the desk.   
Included treatments
Seated Stress Buster (at desk)

Using Chinese Tuina massage, this is a great treatment to loosen tight shoulders and neck muscles caused by tension due to everyday stress.     It can also address old injurys which are causing issues and exacerbating the results of bad posture and habits.

Posture assessment  (at desk or in private) 

Staff can be assessed for working posture and habits including lifting and manual handling where needed, or you can request us to assess all staff if you require saving your HR department time and resources as we can not only correct posture, we can advise on stretching and other excercises to correct the results of poor posture long term.

Pain Clinic   (at desk or in private)

Using fast acting drug free methods, our staff can reduce pain symptoms extremely fast.  We can give the staff member an assessment on the cause of pain and advise them on the best course of treatment for their needs.

Back Massages and Injury treatment  (In private)

Fast acting back treatments to loosen tight muscles and help relieve knots, aches and pains.  This amazing treatment can help your staff avoid time off caused by discomfort and bring the experts to them instead of them having to have expensive time off to visit doctors and physios.


Personal discounts for staff for clinic sessions

Your staff can enjoy a discounted rate at our clinic for any extra treatments they may need.  The clinic is open outside working hours and is staffed by Total Therapy Master Practitioners as well as our Practitioner-Trainers so you can ensure they will get the very best treatment and cut sick-leave to a minimum.




Half day  (4 hours)  - £120 (per therapist)



Full day  (7.5 hours) - £200 (per therapist)


Discounts can be discussed for long-term contracts of 6 months or over.

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