Kidney Support Trials

Who are we?

We are a private clinic based near Wilmslow in Cheshire, just outside Manchester.

We are conducting in-clinic trials with people that have a degree of Kidney dysfunction.  This clinic has already had a good result with treatments already done, but is now undertaking long term trials to develop protocols that can be used in other clinics.    The protocol is based on Acupuncture but successful applicants may be asked to alter some part of their diet and exercise routines.  Trials will initially last for six weeks with an option of continuing and you will be required to fill out forms on the first visit and then a quick questionnaire on each subsequent visit.

If you wish to apply for trials please fill out the form below.

Note:  Trials will be undertaken in batches so it may take a while before someone gets back to you.  If you have already filled in the form once, please do not complete the form again if you have no reply, just email to inquire if your application has been received.

Quote from a previous Patient.  "I feel like like I have been rejuvinated during the treatments, from the time they started I have not only come off dialysis by choice, I have had more energy and had a much better quality of life.  My children are happy again".  - Paul Bailey, Wilmslow.