Paul's Story: From Kidney Failure to Happy and Healthy - 2017 to 2018


Paul hailed me while out walking in October 2017, I've known him for many years although I hadn't seen him around for a few years so I stopped to say hello. He told me that he'd been struggling with reduced energy and feeling ill for months and the doctors had finally told him that he had kidney failure and had put him on emergency dialysis.   He hated it, he said that it was painful and although it was keeping him alive he didn't want to continue with it because not only did he feel that it was causing him pain, he'd had a scare where he had almost died during treatment.


Paul asked me if there was anything I could do to improve his quality of life since his reduced energy levels were causing him to miss some really important events in the life of his teenage children and he was really upset at letting them down when they most needed him.  


He came to the clinic the next day and we discussed treatment, Paul told me that he'd try anything because he was desperate.  I told him I needed to see him once a week and we would do some very powerful acupuncture.   I used 4 needles on him in his legs for 90 minutes on the first treatment and because the weather was cold and windy, we used my Infra-Red heat lamp over the needles to not only keep his legs warm, but to put some energy into his acupuncture points while the needles worked.  While he was sitting there with his needles in, I gave him some relaxing music to listen to while we chatted and caught up on what the kids had been up to since we last saw each other.

Afterwards he had a cup of warm chamomile tea while we chatted about how it felt and how he wanted to continue.

Paul said that 40 minutes into the treatment he had felt a spasm in his back, level with the bottom of his ribs (this is where the kidneys are) and said he just knew it was his kidney rebooting.  I told him that it was a good sign but not to presume anything until 2-3 days after and to carry on with the doctors recommendations.  He was really excited though and said his instincts were telling him that he was on the right path.


We arranged for him to come back the week after, but as Paul is curious he thought he would contact another acupuncturist for their opinion.  They told him "not enough needles" but as Paul trusts me, he stayed with me for treatment as he really liked that I could explain to him exactly what the needles were doing and why they were where I had put them.  He appreciated that I could explain and give good reasons for everything I did in terms he could understand rather than just asking him to sit still and be a "pincushion".


Paul responds well to acupuncture and says I'm now one of the few people that he will listen to and trust without question, although I still encourage him to question and think about everything before he goes ahead with things that will affect his health and life.


Featured Quotes:

“I don't know what you have done to Paul but he is his old self again, I was really worried about him before but it's like someone has wound the clock back 20 years”. (A friend of Paul)


“This has changed my life, I feel I've been given another chance”.