My Testimonials

These are all things that my clients have said about or to me in thanks or recommendation.  

Thank you so much for yesterday's session. It made me feel so much better: physically(no more pain in my back) + mentally(feeling calm and happy)!

Alyona Arseni (Manchester)  -  February 2018

Michelle was very helpful and went the extra mile to help me. Highly recommend.

Reuben Geary (Wilmslow)  -  January 2018

Well, after getting acupuncture, (on the following 2 days) Monday & Tuesday I was absolutely shattered (I guess my energy system was 'rebooting'), I suddenly realised that today for the first time in a LONG time I am almost pain free. I came bouncing out of the garage like zebidee & it struck me suddenly that I felt amazing & had hardly any pain in my feet, ankles or knees for the first time in months & months. Thank you Michelle, you're amazing

​Mark Davies - Tactical Edge  -  March 2016

I first met Michelle at a BJJ tournament, since fixing me I've been back a number of times to get put right and for some general maintenance and I've always had a great service. Highly recommended.

​Simon Griffiths - BJJ Competitor  -  March 2016

Sport Injury Cheshire

Whatever you have done, it's worked! No Op!

​Mike Berry - Professional MMA Competitor  -  Feb 2016

I am a professional floorlayer and have having long yet issues with my left knee and calf muscle for a least two years.I just put it down to my job and put up with it..around a year ago Michelle did acupuncture on it and it has never bothered me since!! Amazing but true

Peter Cuddy - Blackpool  -  Feb 2016

My power-lifting coach first referred me to Total Therapy before my first power-lifting competition and I am very glad he did. I have been treated by Chris, Ali and mainly Michelle and would highly recommend them all. I have had a few minor injuries which Michelle has worked her magic on and she is an absolute genius at helping me loosen up before a competition then with my recovery afterwards. She has introduced me to acupuncture and my stress levels have gone down considerably. My very tight hamstrings are also a thing of the past. I always feel relaxed, happy and much better leaving after a session with her. I’ve recently won a national title in power-lifting on bench press and qualified for worlds. Total Therapy have played a vital role in this and I am extremely grateful for this.  

Clare Patterson - Power Lifting Champion  -  Oct 2014

In Feb 2002 I had a tattoo of a tribal nature, one of the segments failed to heal like the rest. I had been back on numerous times to the tattoo studio to discuss with them, they were confused as they hadn’t seen this before and said it must be my body reacting and said it would heal in time. It was very slowly, even on Sept 2012. After acupuncture with Michelle it hadn’t fully healed but I have noticed that it seems to be a lot better, smoother and less blotchy, more like the rest of the tattoo.

​David - Timperleyavid